Step Two

Before you dive in, it’s good to understand the basics.

This may seem a little complicated to begin with....
Just take it step by step.
And in the beginning feel free to always contact your sponsor or ask in the group. Or you can send us a CONTACT US form.
If you are on a smaller pack and your down line upgrades to a large pack you can cap out.
It takes time (well it took us time) to understand the Bull, Bear & the percentages.
So, keep us in the loop so we can help you make the most of your contract.
It’s easy when you know how!
The good news is, everyone gains and we are here to help.
Understand your pack and how to upgrade and when to renew...
When you start enrolling people there are some important things to know.
Such as....
1. Understanding the Bull and the Bear training. What does Bull and bear even mean?
How does this affect your contract?

2. Understand capping out

3. Understand how rewards and commissions work