Step One

WELCOME to the Freedom Legacy Group.

We are delighted you are here. You can basically switch off now if you want and let your Trading Returns roll in. It is a good idea to check your account monthly & know where you are at in terms of your contract.

It is all very simple.

We do recommend you learn how to navigate your back office, so you can make the most of the site.

Just watch thes following videos first, and do take your time there is no rush, then please just reach out and ask us if you are hungry for more info.

First of all, CFX has a monthly call for all members and it will be announced in your back office and here monthly- it is not compulsory or necessary.

Feel free to Join our weekly meetings every fortnight - it is not compulsory or necessary if you are just here to invest. 

1) fortnightly for Australia/NZ/ASIA on Mondays at 10.00 am British time 

2) fortnightly for EU/UK/SA/Canada 7.00pm British Time

Keep it simple, don’t get overwhelmed & remember THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION! 

Please, don’t hesitate to ask questions in this group. It’s answering questions that have built this page, so please keep them coming 

And, if your thinking it, so is someone else...

So ask away!!!!!

Plus, remember, many of us join up and then do no more for months and just let the trading returns roll on in! 

So no pressure to do any of the following until you feel curious or ready!

Most of all, congratulations on purchasing your trading & academy pack.

Getting Set Up

Here is a list of a few small steps you can take to get set up and to also understand what a gift you have in your hands!

1. Please join the Freedom Legacy Group CFX telegram group or FB group, or both. 

FB Group

Keep an eye on the “BEAR information” Posts, which will be the very basics and you will be tagged by your team leader.

As an investor this is the only info you need.

If you choose to introduce people, you will become a Bull member and your team leader will direct you to more info and tag you in relevant posts.


2. Set up your Authenticator (Microsoft, Google 2FA Authenticator or similar)

You will need to set this up after you set up your account & buy your first pack. It’s just for security.

3. Watch this video and understand your back office

4. For a complete overview and understanding of the business with short videos created by John Kinnear, the Marketing Director for CFX:

From your back office - on your dashboard see Resources > FAQ

Any questions you have - find the answer there or connect with your sponsor.

5. Must watch webinars:

Richards due diligence recorded session

Here is a Call with *CFX CEOs*

Huascar Jose Lopez & Edwin Abad

6. Back Office How To Training Videos 

Library of Short Videos on the Most Common Back Office Features below in the comments  & also available on a Telegram ap. Group

Check out the files section in our fb group for loads of important information.

Finally I hope you aren't overwhelmed by all this information.  Take your time and work through it and remember we are thrilled to welcome you here  and wish you every success with your CFX journey!!

CFX is a crypto/forex trading platform that is consistently delivering what it says it will on time. We are enjoying, on average, 5.5% per week interest on our investment as at March 2021.

CFX delivers what they say they will, the owners have a great vision for humanity and the company is self-sustainable.

Many many people are getting out of debt, and having a lot of money left over at the end of the month, some have given up their jobs and are well on the way to Wealth.